«Formula Student in Russia» conference

The conference «Formula Student in Russia: Prospects for Development» concluded. We can announce with pleasure that preparing for holding the first Russian stage «Formula Student» in the summer of 2014 is in full swing. Now not only the Russian team will travel abroad to participate in foreign stages, but teams from other countries will be able to come to us on russian stage.

The conference was attended by several hundred people, besides a large number of students — team members there were representatives of companies involved in the organization of the stage and figures of the Russian motorsport. We are grateful to «ArtLine» company, presented the car «Formula Vostok» of a new youth series, which stood at our booth and symbolized the following stage in the development of racing cars. The company «Marussia» presented its Formula 1 car. Of course, most cars have a class «Formula Student», there were 11 of them!

The conference lasted two days, during this time numerous amount of master classes and round tables were held, including the master classes from invited guests — the organizers of the German stage «Formula Student».

According to the results of the voting, our team won the prize in the nomination «The most good-looking car».