Car testing

On October 8 tests of our car took place on Dmitrov car track. Dynamic characteristics were evaluated and the reliability of all nodes was verified. According to tests results necessary changes to the suspension and engine settings were made, and also the need for some fine-tuning was discovered. In addition, all our pilots could drive the car and tell their comments and ideas. Before testing, the car was equiped with a large number of sensors, thereby we were able to collect a large amount of telemetry data which helped us to measure the work of our car more accurately.


Car showcase

Report about our meeting with Anatoly Alexandrov the rector of the Bauman MSTU, held on the day of our departure to the stage in Italy, can be found on the website of our university.

After our return from the competition we’ve met the rector again, this time showing the car and its abilities. Despite the rainy weather, demostration of our car attracted a large number of observers. Our pilot did a few laps and showed some sharp turns. After a short conversation on the street in front of the car the rector invited us into his office where further conversation took place in which we told him about the difficulties of creating the first car and plans for the future .


Competition report (part 4)

Day 4

Last day of the competition, on which a 22-km endurance race was to take place.
Cars took their places in queue according to yesterday autocross results — the first were the slowest. So we got in the middle, what gave us time to inspect the car and prepare to enter the track. The team had high hopes for the upcoming race, hoping to be in the first half of the results table again. When it was our turn, several team memebers drove the car to the track, where tanking tooke place, and rest of the team went to the terraces, where a good view was opening up. A few cars were on the track at the same time, and overtaking was allowed only in special areas, so the race was not for the position, but for the time.