Our team has returned from the Italian stage held on the Riccardo Paletti race track in Varano de Melegari. The competition lasted for four days from 13th to 16th September. Now we are ready to tell about first competition for our car and team.

Day 0

Our team went to Italy using three cars. Trip took two days and we have already made ​​it to the track on evening of 12th September. Located in the parking lot, we set the tent and started to unload the car and begun its final assembly . Of course, the trip could not get by without «adventures». On the day of departure we broke welding machine, so we had to weld last brackets using welding devices borrowed from other teams. Fortunately, mutual supportiveness thrives on «Formula Student» competition, and many teams were willing not only to offer their welding machine, but also a welder. At that time, representatives of the team passed the registration process and we have examined our box, which turned out to be closed by 10PM. So the car had had to be put on the wheels and ride its first meters on Italian soil along the path from the parking lot to the boxes (though not by its own power, because driving car before passing technical commission is prohibited).

Day 1

Time schedule was divided into four days:

  • first day was fully dedicated to technical inspection
  • on the second day technical inspection continued and static part of the event was held: business presentation, cost report and design report
  • third day was devoted to dynamic tests: acceleration, skid pad and autocross
  • on the forth day major 22km endurance race was held

After preparing the car, our team has taken place in the queue for the technical inspection.
Technical inspection consists of several parts. The first thing is the judge inspects the car and carefully checks it for accordance with the regulations and safety requirements.
During the inspection of our car judge recorded defects, most of which did not require a lot of time to fix. Only at the end of examination judges paid attention to our advanced intake system, which was fitted with an intercooler due to the use of the powered compressor. Our eloquence was not enough, so the judge pointed us to the need of protecting the intercooler from damage by a possible collision. By this technical inspection was completed and the team has started to remove punch items in order to re-submit the machine to judges the next day. It was decided to continue the work at night to save, and thus the first day smoothly became the second.

The is ready to pass technical inspection

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