A lot of people don’t know, there are race cars which are designed and built in Russia, but our team had the opportunity to visit the company «ArtLine engineering» and to see for themselves the process of making these cars.

The ArtLine racing team team was established in 1998 and now is involved in many racing series, such as «Formula 1600», «Legends» and «Formula 3».

The company has been designing its own race cars for competing in «Formula 3» since 2005. In 2009 and 2010, the team took first place in the ATS Formel3 Cup (European Championship Formula 3) in the championship Trophy.

In addition to creating cars, «ArtLine» is also building race tracks, and in 2006 opened «Circuit ADM».

Out team and «Artline» chief technical officer Sergey Piskunov

previous generation race car «ArtTech»

unusual race car, which is not suitable for any class as yet

race car steering wheel

new generation race car «ArtTech»

new race car’s suspension

our team and «Artline» sport officer Alexander Potehin

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