On March 21-22 was held second annual international Formula SAE engineering projects forum in MADI.

Our team has taken an active part in the forum presenting reports and promo video as well.

According to the results of presentations several nominations with prizes from sponsors were organized. Despite the fact that our team is building its first car, we managed to win the «Best Video» nomination, and as a prize from the company Ween we got a racing helmet. Also representative of our team took first place in a karting friendly tournament among participants.

Following the conference, collection of articles is published, in which there is an article «Choosing powerplant for the race car», presented by us at the forum as presentation-report.

Our team is grateful for the perfectly organized MADI forum.

George Eremin is presenting out team.

Михаил Мараханов из отдела двигателистов выступил с докладом «Выбор силовой установки для гоночного автомобиля».

По результатам конференции команды получили призы от спонсоров. Один из этих шлемов достался нам.

Forum visitors could see the MADI and PFUR vehicles once again.

After the main part there was karting competition among forum participants.

Representative of our team Ivan Lyafusha took the first place.

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