ITECMA was formed in 2015 from a fast-growing composite division of Institute of New Carbon Materials and Technologies.

The Institute of New Carbon Materials and Technologies was established in 2003 by Lomonosov Moscow State University and UNICHIMTEK corporation.
The research base is strongly connected with the chemistry department of Moscow State University with more than 1000 sqm of laboratories and testing facilities.
Intense commercialization of more than 100 patents allows the Institute to attract the best staff, more than 30% of researchers and management have a PhD degree.
Based on the results of fundamental research, ITECMA produces a wide range of materials for manufacturing high-tech composites – from carbon textiles to high-quality resins of own production. The latest developments opened the way to obtain composites with service temperature up to 450 ° C!

Логотип ITECMA

2017 season. Registation.

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Happy New Year dear friends!

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