Carbon fiber one of the most important discoveries in the field of material science of the XX century. As a special material it moved into Motorsport and then became popular among automotive manufacturers.

Who are specialists who can create carboxylic artwork? They can be graduates of workshops by «Center for working with composite materials CCTraining»



We were invited by our partners Prepreg-ACM to the workshops organized with help of Holding Company Composite!


Russian Formula Student Participants from different universities got a lot of useful information, that can be applied in car design process. Student were told about:
— vacuum infusion,
— work with prepreg,
— work with sandwich material:



Our team member Pavel Artamonov visited the workshop: «Participation in the workshop organized by HC Composite certainly helps to increase knowledge level in the field of composite materials, get a lot of useful skills, that will be applied in future racecars. Besides, this is a good platform for communication between teams. I want to say thank you to the organizers and to every participant! Thank you, guys!»



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