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 Обучение нейросети для беспилотного болида из Bauman Racing Team с помо болидщью технологий Yandex.Cloud 

Defence mirror

First Russian Unmanned Car to be Equipped with 3D-Printed Suspension Parts (defensemirror.com)


Детали подвески первого в России беспилотного болида напечатали на 3D-принтере в Ростехе

n Racing Team


Ростех напечатал на 3D-принтере детали подвески для первого в России беспилотного болида


Driverless по-студенчески: как команда из Бауманки разрабатывает беспилотный гоночный болид

Хабр Ланит

Создаем электрический болид своими руками

Хабр Ланит

Как собрать беспилотный гоночный болид: истории участников Bauman Racing Team

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Нейронные сети для беспилотного болида: опыт Bauman Racing Team в Yandex Cloud


Формула без пилота: кто в России создает автономный гоночный болид

Anton Avtoman

Students vs BMW M3


Bauman Racing Team and Formula Student: how Lenovo helps to win in European races.

Russia 24

In the Technopolis Moscow, the first city festival of motorsport “Formula Student” started. There, students of Russian universities present their own development of sports cars, and professional riders test them.

Moscow 24

For the first time in the capital, the City Festival of Motor Sport and the Cup of Engineers “Formula Student” was held.

Vechernaya Moskva

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin congratulates a team of students from the Bauman MSTU. The guys designed and assembled the best sports car and won the competition “Formula Student”.


Business news. Lenovo celebrated the 25th anniversary of the ThinkPad.


A fascinating article about our trip to the Czech and Moscow stages of 2017.

3D Today

As the participants of the Bauman Racing Team themselves say: “For a formula team in which almost all the details of the car are a single instance, a 3D printer is a good find and an indispensable assistant.”

3D Print

In the world of racing, challenge is what it’s all about. In an exciting competition geared toward students, PICASO 3D signed up last year as a team sponsor for “Formula Student” MSTU, NE Bauman. In a serious test of automotive design talents, university teams have to create and build their own cars.


An interesting area was found by students from Bauman Moscow State Technical University — they print parts of the racing car for the international student competitions «Formula Student» on the PICASO 3D Designer printer


The engineering and technical competitions that took place in Moscow gathered seven teams from all over the country, who had to demonstrate versatile talents. The main prize — the Cup of Engineers — from the hands of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin was given to the Bauman Racing Team (Bauman MSTU).

Technopolis News

7,5 thousand people visited the «Formula Student» in the Technopolis «Moscow».

Za Rulem

We get acquainted with the central motor RoadsterRoadster, developed and assembled by graduates of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Bauman Racing Team, we learn the history of the project in the Bauman laboratories.


Formula Student from Bauman Moscow State Technical University or Bauman Racing Team.

Live Journal

Mikhailov Gennady

Competition for talented engineers «Formula Student» grew out of fun student entertainment — racing on lawn mowers. Since then, since 1978, a series of student races are held around the world.